dahlia sewalong – part one

hello friends!

I’ve been (im)patiently awaiting the next sewalong post¬†on fit and cutting, so I could make any adjustments/grading before I started cutting up my pattern. I plan on making version one, although I prefer the skirt on version two so I might switch it up. I’m a newbie at adjusting patterns, so I don’t want to mess anything up! I’ve only ever sewn straight sizes, even though I prefer much less ease than what is generally given. I absolutely noticed it in a dress I made from simplicity 2886. I only wore it a couple times, since it fit so weird, and then one of the straps broke and I haven’t been bothered to fix it.

anyway! I picked a fabric from my stash for this adorable dress; it’s from back when I worked at JoAnn’s and bought just about any plaid fabric that I saw. it’s a medium weight plaid suiting in lavender, grey, and a bit of shimmery metallic silver. I never wrote down anything about the fabrics I bought, but I think it’s some sort of poly blend. it’s pretty soft, with a slight stretch to it. here’s a potato picture under incandescent light:


I can’t find it on the website; I bought it over 5 years ago and I’m pretty sure it was from one of the featured spring collections. I only bought 2 1/2 yards of it though, so I’ve been brainstorming ideas on how to make it work since dahlia calls for 2 1/8, plus the extra for matching plaids. I was hoping once I cut out the pattern I could finagle it, but I much prefer the fuller version 2 skirt and I wasn’t sure how that would look with the plaid. after showing the pattern to one of the residents here at the senior home, she suggested colour blocking and ideas started flowing! I’ll need to pick up a solid fabric, probably in a charcoal grey. my plan is to cut the bodice, waistband yoke, and skirt center panels in the plaid, and the sleeves and skirt side panels in the solid grey. here’s a quick ‘n dirty sketch I did over the pattern line drawings to get a feel for how it’d look (again, sorry for potato quality. I’m at work and only have my cell phone camera on me!):



tonight I’ll be making adjustments and cutting out the paper pattern, and hopefully will get started on a muslin tomorrow. as my first sewalong, and the first pattern I’ve used in a while, I really want this to be perfect!

later, friends!



hello friends! welcome to my brand spankin’ new craft blog.

my main reason for finally starting a blog dedicated to my crafting adventures was to document my progress in the dahlia sewalong, since I’ve always wanted to be part of a sewalong!

I’ve always wanted a craft blog, and now seems to be the perfect time since I’ve gotten a surge of sewing inspiration. I’ve been cleaning out and organizing my fabric stash, going through my patterns, and getting all sorts of ideas for things I want to make!

so my plan for this blog right now is to document the sewalong, first and foremost. I’d also like to go back and highlight past projects I’ve done: any mistakes, reviews of patterns I used, what i would do differently, and maybe even some remakes! and of course, I’ll be posting all about projects I’m working on and finishing. hopefully having that fully documented will minimize any ufos (unfinished objects) floating around and inspire me to work on one thing at a time.

so, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your time here!