hello friends! welcome to my brand spankin’ new craft blog.

my main reason for finally starting a blog dedicated to my crafting adventures was to document my progress in the dahlia sewalong, since I’ve always wanted to be part of a sewalong!

I’ve always wanted a craft blog, and now seems to be the perfect time since I’ve gotten a surge of sewing inspiration. I’ve been cleaning out and organizing my fabric stash, going through my patterns, and getting all sorts of ideas for things I want to make!

so my plan for this blog right now is to document the sewalong, first and foremost. I’d also like to go back and highlight past projects I’ve done: any mistakes, reviews of patterns I used, what i would do differently, and maybe even some remakes! and of course, I’ll be posting all about projects I’m working on and finishing. hopefully having that fully documented will minimize any ufos (unfinished objects) floating around and inspire me to work on one thing at a time.

so, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your time here!


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