dahlia sewalong – part two

hello again, friends! it’s been a while. I’ve had a crazy month filled with crazy happenings–both good and bad–so I apologize for my absence. mainly the wifi has been down at work, and that’s where I do most of my blogging! unfortunately, the insanity has cut into my sewing time so I haven’t made too much progress on my dahlia. I did make a muslin, though! I haven’t made a muslin since my senior prom dress back in 2010. I know it’s a great habit to get into, but I’m impatient! I do plan on making muslins much more often now, hopefully I’ll stick to it!
anyway, I’m very glad I made a muslin for my dahlia because I need to make some adjustments. I also noticed a few goofs I made: when I cut the paper pattern, instead of grading the bodice from a 4 to a 6 at the waist, I had cut a straight 4. so I ended up grading the waist yoke as a temporary fix, which kind of goofed up my muslin a bit. I also didn’t actually grade the skirt pieces like I planned [late night pattern cutting is bad for you!], but that was an easy fix.
so! here’s a dinky phone mirror pic of my bodice muslin. please excuse my tummy, I haven’t done the skirt muslin yet.


I have some gapey shoulder thing going on, which will hopefully be fixed with the neckline gathering. it’s a bit large in the bust [I don’t like ease, like, at all.] but it’s tight in the back and arms. here’s an awkward photo of the back I took with a potato:


looking at the photos it doesn’t really seem bad, but it’s tough to get in and out of..mostly out of. I have to pull it inside out over my head and my shoulders pop and it’s not fun. I actually have that problem in a good amount of clothing I own..I don’t know what that means though. broad shoulders? large high bust? I’ll have to look into that. anyway, I plan on re-cutting the bodice in a size 6 and doing a small bust adjustment [which sounds weird to me since I’m used to, ahem, busting out of most clothing]. I’m not used to adjusting patterns for fit; I usually either sew patterns straight or [more often than not] make up my own “patterns” and wing it as I go. which is useful for the knits I usually work with, but dealing with unforgiving wovens following a specific pattern is another story!
so that’s as far as I’ve gotten in the month or so of this sewalong. great progress, huh?! that’s how I do.
I have, however, bought three new patterns and am planning a fully tailored peacoat for the boy. I’m real good at planning, and buying things.