violet month, dahlia preview, and some outfit planning!

hello friends! I’ve been busy this past week. I finished my very first computer build and IT WORKS!! so you can expect more updates since I won’t be working solely on my dinky chromebook [sorry chromebook you know I still love you]. if any of you are into computers, you can check out my pcpartpicker list. unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures, save for a quick instagram of the monitor when it finally turned on. I’ve been working on this computer for months, and just about everything that can go wrong did go wrong so I was SO ready to just get it going!
well, you’re here for crafts, not computers! although building a computer is kind of a craft..ANYWAY
I also dug out my camera and tripod, so I have some nice photos for you all! “nice” in the sense that they aren’t mirror shots with my phone..they’re still taken in my crappily-lit room that is a total mess after cleaning out my desk for the aforementioned computer..and I don’t have any photo editing software loaded up yet, so you’ll have to deal with uncropped/unfixed photos.
deal with it

so the coletterie announced January is violet month, which is awesome since I’ve had that pattern sitting in my stash for a while! I kicked myself into gear and made a muslin, since 1. muslins are important and 2. I’m not a huge fan of loosey goosey blouses so I wanted to make it more form-fitting. I was inspired by the lovely fit on Lauren’s swiss dot violet and Lilly’s vintage floral violet, and Jane’s polka dot violet made me realize how badly I need more polka dots in my life. quick side note: the sewing blogger community is so fabulous. seriously, all I do is stalk everyone’s blog and drool over your gorgeous makes and take notes on pattern alterations/fabric choices/your amazing life. SORRY NOT SORRY
back to my violet! the muslin went together quickly and easily, however after I cut everything out I realized I probably didn’t need to muslin the whole facing? but whatever, it’s good practice for the ~real deal~. I had my mom pin me into the blouse [thanks for not stabbing me mom!] and..well, see for yourself!


I cut a size 2, going off the finished measurements rather than my own. to my surprise, the front fit fine! I was expecting to add in some vertical front darts, but they’re not necessary. as for the back..


in the picture it doesn’t look TOO bad, but there’s all kinds of room in there. I kept hearing about “sway back adjustments” in blouses and pants and stuff and had no idea what they weird brain was picturing someone overly exaggerating swaying their butt while struttin’ down the street. some quick googling learned me a thing, AND NOW I’M AN EXPERT. jk. my back poof is more vertical than horizontal though, so I’m going to just take a vertical wedge out of the back. I’m sure it also has something to do with the gathering into the yoke, which I can’t decide whether I want to keep or not. I was never a fan of gathers; I converted the ones in my dahlia to soft pleats [which you’ll see in a minute!]
the sleeve, however, is too tight. I have that problem in a few RTW blouses, probably because of my massive biceps [ha]! so I stopped at the one sleeve, and I’ll try sewing the other with a smaller seam allowance and see if that works. if not, I’ll just stick a wedgie in there. the armpit area is fine, just the sleeve opening is a bit constricting!
oh and I almost forgot, the FABRIC! unfortunately I didn’t take a picture, so you’ll have to use your imagination. when I was at JoAnn’s picking up muslin for Sam’s coat a while back, I was perusing the aisles and came across this adorable white cotton with small black flocked polka dots. I made a mental note to find something to do with it before I bought any [yay restraint], and when I decided to make violet I knew exactly what to use! I also picked up some plain black kona cotton for the collar, since contrast collars are fun. as for the buttons, I grabbed some plain shiny black shank buttons. I almost went for satin-covered buttons..but then, I didn’t? I dunno, I just liked the other ones better!

so my dahlia still sits as it did last time I posted, but now I have PICTURES! it should be complete soon though; I found an invisible zipper foot on amazon, and in order to get free shipping I had to get $35 worth of stuff. so I picked up the colette sewing handbook! everything arrived yesterday while I was busy setting up computer stuff, so I could only skim through the handbook. but hopefully this weekend I’ll rip out that ugly zipper and resew it PERFECTLY, YEAH! onto the photos!

awkward angle..'sup

awkward angle..’sup

detail shot! topstitching on the yoke isn't perfect..but yolo

detail shot! topstitching on the yoke isn’t perfect..but yolo

oh god..that zipper..that uneven waist..IT BUUURNS

oh god..that zipper..that uneven waist..IT BUUURNS

well, my plaid matching could use some [a lot] of work. which is part of the reason why I went for colourblocking in the first place..I knew I’d fuck it up. as you can see, I still need to gather up the neckline; that should tighten things up there. and that’s not nearly as bad as my very first attempt at an invisible zipper, which I should dig out and show you guys. seriously, it’s hilariously awful.
I feel like the center panels on the skirt could be well, centered more. the way the plaid falls kind of bugs me. but oh well! live and learn. I’m super happy with everything else; length is good, sleeves are comfortable, and the fabrics work together.

while at work earlier, I found a good housekeeping magazine at the desk. [to provide some context; I work 2nd shift at the front desk in a retirement home. obviously other people work at this desk and all of our reading materials/snacks/crossword puzzles tend to be shared!] I didn’t have anything else to do, so I was flipping through it and came across a blurb on midi skirts. the first photo [below] reminded me of the newly released oakridge blouse from sewaholic patterns!
I was inspired to make a similar outfit. I’ve never really made croquis before, so I whipped out my sketchbook and wung it. here’s the result:
the inspiration outfit has a pleated brown pleather skirt, but I hate browns so I’m thinking of a black hollyburn skirt [also by sewaholic!] since I own that pattern already. as for the blouse, I know I literally JUST said I don’t like loosey goosey things but I really like the look of the flowy bow! I’ve been looking at blue chambray, but I should pull out my wardrobe palette and pick something from there. once I get home, I’m going to add some colour! I always see beautiful watercolour croquis, but I don’t know if I even have any watercolours anymore.

so friends, that’s what I’ve been up to! my resolution for completing a garment a month is lookin’ good, the dahlia will definitely be done by the end of January, if not the violet as well! yay~

disclaimer: any products linked in this post are NOT affiliate links or whatever those things are where I get money if you buy stuff after clicking ’em. just sharing what I got in case you wanna get stuff too!


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