hello friends! my name is trudy and this is my blog where i show off things i make. i am self-taught, thanks to the internet and my apparent inherent skill with all things crafty.

i have been sewing seriously since around 2008, although my interest was sparked in middle school home-ec. i mainly make garments and costumes, but i’ve been known to create various accessories, home décor items, and weird stuffed monsters.

i have been crocheting since 2010, after picking up a book on amigurumi and just diving right in. i still make amigurumi, as well as scarves and cowls, mismatched gloves, and half-finished socks.

my newest obsession is cross stitching, after seeing all the lovely profane and inappropriate things immortalised in this delicate, flowery craft.

i also dabble in knitting, jewellery making, embroidery, cut paper crafts, and anything involving a hot glue gun.

like most 20-somethings, i’m not sure what i want to do with my life. currently i work as a receptionist at a retirement home, i am halfway through a bfa in photography, and i’d love to go into fashion design. we’ll see where life takes me.


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  1. Hi Trudy. Welcome to the blog-isphere! And congrats on almost finishing your degree. I also have BFA in photography and currently work as commercial product photographer. I thought I was the only photographer who sewed and knit until I started my blog, so it’s been fun to find so many like-minded people online. Anyway, nice to “meet you” and good luck on your blog!


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