goals for 2015

hello friends and happy new year! I’ve been doing a lot over the last month, including making solid progress on my dahlia dress [see my previous post for more info!]
I’ve been crocheting a bit, since the internet has been down at work and my data plan on my phone ran out. I’m in the process of finishing a scarf for my mom, a black and white houndstooth in Caron simply soft. in an ideal world, I’d never use anything acrylic ever again but it’s cheap, soft, and my mom likes it! I used it for the black and white striped scarf I made her years ago that this will be replacing. here’s a progress photo, I’m about halfway done:
here’s the link to my ravelry project page, and a link to the pattern’s ravelry page. the pattern is an infinity scarf by ELK studio, but as you can see I’m making it as a straight scarf with fringe. yay fringe!!

I also whipped up a quick cowl out of some yarn from Black Sheep Dyeworks. I picked up a skein of their worsted weight wool singles, since it was on sale and I love single ply yarn! also the colour was called peacock, and I can’t resist anything peacock. I used the Catesby three-hour cowl pattern, since I thought the interesting stitch would highlight the yarn. and boy, did it! it came out gorgeous. here’s a progress photo that really shows the colours:
you can find more photos on my ravelry project page. unfortunately, I don’t know how often I will wear it..I like my cowls nice and snug, and this is too loose for me while being too small to wrap around twice. I love it too much to give it away, though! sigh.

moving right along..as the title of this post suggests, I have some goals for the new year.
make at least one cake garment each month. a cake project makes up the core of your wardrobe; necessities like basic t-shirts, sturdy jackets, casual dresses, jeans, and skirts. this is in contrast to fancy, fun, “frosting” projects like taffeta party dresses, satin gowns, and a full Victorian era outfit that I’d never wear but really want to make because it’d be a blast. I will probably focus on sewing these garments, but I’d really like to crochet or even knit a few things. I love love LOVE the look of knit sweaters as opposed to crochet sweaters, however I’m fairly knitting challenged. which brings me to my next goal, or goal 1.3 I suppose:
knit a sweater. I drool all over ravelry’s gorgeous knitted sweaters. I have a bunch favourited even though they’re out of my skill range. so hopefully this year I will work my way up to knitting a beautiful, cozy sweater! preferably in a plucky knitter yarn. omg her stuff is so amazing. have you seen the winter 2015 collection?? I have never wanted infinite knitting skills more than when I was looking through those photos. hopefully I’ll be able to pick up some plucky yarn in this week’s preorder. I already have something in mind, which brings me to goal 1.6..
crochet a cardigan. while there are few crochet pullover sweaters that get me excited, I keep stumbling upon this chevron lace cardigan. looks simple enough, and I can never have too many cardigans. I just need to find the perfect yarn and the motivation to bang it out!
goal number two, actually finish shit. I can’t tell you how many UFOs are flying around my house right now and it stresses me right the fuck out. I’m determined to track them down and either finish them or rip them apart and recycle the materials. starting with you, dahlia!!
number three, find my style. I really need to clean out my wardrobe, and filling it up with all these wonderful handmade garments is the perfect opportunity to nail down my style. I’ve already made a palette of my favourite colours to wear, and what I’d like to wear more:
colour palette
black and gray are my only neutrals. I don’t like wearing browns, creams, or navy, so those aren’t even in my wardrobe. but everything else is pretty much, “hey I like this and it’s a good price so I’ll buy it!” I don’t have a theme, the colours are all over the place, and I have trouble picking outfits. this kind of goes along with my first goal of cake garments; I need to figure out the cake I already own and get rid of any excess frosting that doesn’t go along with the rest of my stuff.
and finally, make some albions! my wonderful better half, Sam, lost his nice black peacoat at a party about two years ago. the host found three [!!] black peacoats that had been left in his apartment, but none of them were Sam’s. he ended up grabbing a random one but it has a weird, perpetually sticky pocket. so I vowed to make him a nice coat for christmas/his birthday/whatever holiday happened to be near the actual completion of the coat. I settled on colette’s albion for purely selfish reasons: it’s unisex, so I can make one for myself too. plus colette patterns are always fabulous, and they hosted a sewalong for it a while ago. I’ve already made and fit the muslin, I just need to adjust the pattern and actually get the fabric. Sam is hell-bent on plain black, 100% wool which is real hard to find on a budget. I’m heading into Cambridge soon since I found a coupon for a discount fabric store. I’ve only ever bought fabric from JoAnn’s, so it’ll be nice to expand my horizons!

I think that just about wraps up my goals and stuff. hopefully I’ll be back soon with a finished dahlia and some progress on the albion!